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OESMA members all have an ambition to deliver better outcomes for their stakeholders.  Nevertheless the oceans support a broad economy which requires many different segments to work collaboratively. 
We aim to empower our members by creating opportunities to network and grow.


Education | Training

Universities, Colleges and Schools
We take the opportunity to work with educational organisations on the sales and marketing opportunities within the various sectors that form the blue economy.


PR Agencies and Media Outlets

These organisations can build or destroy the reputations of OESMA members, usually unintentionally.  We wecome them to our membership to level the playing field and, in addition, to facilitate understanding of our complex sector to the 'person on the street'.

Media Interview
Trash on Beach

Member Organisations | NFPs

Professional Maritime and Marine Associations

By collaborating with other organisations that have similar aims and values we can deliver more significant outcomes.  As an ecosystem we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Ocean Economics

Blue Ocean Finance and Progressive Insurance

By collaborating with organisations that are open to financing blue ocean recovery, we help to identify  sustainable opportunities for our members.

Workplace at home over background of the
Sillouette of Wind Turbine

Oil | Energy

Pivoting to Sustainable Fuels

As many traditional energy companies transition to sustainable alternatives, we facilitate the commercial conversations that will lead to broader and deeper outcomes.

Renewables | Environment

Survey, Research and Regulation

The spotlight is firmly on environmental solutions following the Covid-19 pandemic.  We welcome the organisations that challenge and elevate important dialogues within the OESMA ecosystem.

Divers with Flashlight

Safety | Security

21st Century Piracy and Bureaucracy

A sustainable ocean economy is wholly dependent on those organisations that operate 24/7 to protect the safety and security of our member organisations.


Shipbuilding is becoming a niche industry : autonomous vessels, emerging fuels, specialist technologies, mega yachts.  Niche industries require specialist commercial skills to maintain market share and we work for and on behalf of our members to facilitate knowledge and collaboration.

Welding process ship repair at floating
Cargo Ship

Vessel Owners | Operators

The shipping industry is evolving : moving from a traditional 'market opportunity' model to responding to innovators who build their own market opportunity.  As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic these changes are happening faster than anyone could have predicted.  We are building a number of initiatives to support our members through this evolution.


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