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Successful online meetings

This module covers the management and control of online meetings from scheduling to follow up.


  • Productive online client meetings

  • Effective internal online meetings

  • Greater personal impact


A one-day workshop covering:

  • Setting specific goals and objectives for each meeting

  • Arriving at meetings fully prepared

  • Using technology, collaterals, and other aids

  • Adapting to audience styles

  • Using the meeting structure to build relationships

Developing winning sales pitches

This module covers how to add the wow factor to client pitches (both online and face-to-face)


  • Enhanced skills for delivering a memorable pitch with confidence and style

  • Understanding of customers and their expectations

  • War rooms and developing a pitch strategy

  • Better planning, preparation and structure

  • Following up on pitches


A one-day workshop covering:

  • Identifying what will constitute a good pitch

  • Building a planning timetable

  • Selecting the right information to deliver

  • Rehearsing and presenting pitches in the right style

  • Establishing rapport with the audience

Using social media to influence

This module covers how to develop a dynamic delivery style online and how to use social media to engage dialogue.


  • Decide on your personal branding – online expert or online superstar

  • Introductions on social media that motivate the customer to listen

  • Choosing the right channels for your messaging


A one-day workshop covering:

  • Social Media engagement with customers/prospects on LinkedIn (Groups, Answers, Polls), Twitter (Chat, Tweetups), Facebook (Groups, Apps), Clubhouse

  • Find customers and prospects on social networks, online communities, and discussion forums

  • Using LinkedIn as a research tool to find contact information about clients, prospects, influencers, show connections and how to get introduced via people you know

  • Overview of tools for internal collaboration (Salesforce Chatter, Yammer)

  • Start online conversations with clients and prospects through discussion groups, blogs, online events etc. and turn clients and prospects into friends.

  • Sharing content through LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging etc. and turn contacts into leads

  • Find new sales opportunities by listening to online conversations from clients, prospects, and other relevant sales influencers

Why the customer is always important but not always right




A one-day workshop covering:

  • What does the customer need?

  • Recognising how to make positive connections with every customer every time

  • Managing customer expectations

  • Active listening

  • Building confidence and keeping motivated

  • Influence and persuasion skills


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