Marketing & Sales Leadership

This pathway aims to develop leadership  skills for both existing and potential leaders and impart a clear understanding of the organisation’s expectations.  Includes topics on leadership governance, team motivation and supporting individual development plans. 

There are four modules, including a standalone module focusing on team coaching.

All our training modules use ocean-economy based case studies


Building and sustaining commercial capability within your organisation


  • Development of leadership style to maximise team performance

  • Development of appropriate leadership styles for remote teams

  • Improvement in team performance through motivation and leadership


The leadership content is drawn from a menu of modules, which are detailed below.



Optimising Team Potential

This module covers team roles, responsibilities and relationships : making sure the right people are sat in the right seats


  • A clearer understanding of what is expected of you as a sales leader


A 2-hour webinar covering:

  • Effective team working

  • Leadership styles and the impact on relationships / profit

  • Making the most of performance reviews

Maintaining Sales Momentum

This module covers strengthening commitment from the team and how to keep top performers 'on song'.


Continuous contribution from the sales org to overall business performance.


A 2-hour webinar covering:

  • How to generate a 'buzz' at team briefings

  • Appropriate and inclusive team communication plans
  • Ensuring gaps are plugged and escalated

Sales Operations and Management

This module covers processes and systems that support sales operations, including SFDC and other programmes, forecasting processes, and the adopted sales cycle. 


  • Improve sales forecasting revenue predictability and reporting

  • Better manage the sales process and sales reps' performance

  • Enable sharing of data between sales, marketing, and customer service teams


A 2-hour webinar covering:

  • Pipeline forecasting

  • Sales planning and systems (inc SFDC)

  • How to lock down your team's forecast

  • Execution of agreed strategies

Coaching for Sales Success

This module aims to buld confidence so that leaders are comfortable with adopting coaching as a management style; to increase team skills and competencies and improve sales results.


  • Ability to use various coaching tools and techniques to coach people in the sales community

  • Ability to build personalised training plans that deliver results


A one-day workshop covering:

  • Framework for effective coaching

  • Working with the learner’s agenda

  • Developing coaching skills

  • Working with the learner’s agenda


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